Triple Panel Slider WordPress

As for every Wordpress plugin, simply upload the plugin zip file "" through WordPress dashboard.

Then activate it and you are done installation!!


After installation, you will see a custom post named "Triple Slider" in your WordPress Dashboar. From there you can add new images for slider.
Check the below image. I tried to cover everything about custom post in below image.

Check the number according to above image:

  1. This is the title of your slider image.
  2. This is content section.
  3. Add or select a category when you add a new image. Always use a single word category to get rid of unexpected result.
  4. Add a featured image. This image is the slider image actually.
  5. If you want to link the slider image, add a custom field and name it by "link" with a value of url.

Note: You must add minimum 3 images for each slider to get perfect output.

This cool slider plugin has a option panel as well. Go to Settings>>Triple Slider Options and check the below image.

Check the number according to above image:

  1. You can control the slider speed here by putting milisecond value. Default value is 5000 milisecond.
  2. You can also control the slider autoplay function from here.

All shortcodes are easy and simple to use. If you want to show all images from all categories, just write in your editor [ratcat_triple] and you are done.

But if you want to show the images from a specific category, add a category attribute like [ratcat_triple category=test]. Here we used test as our category name.
Actually this category feature makes you able to use different multiple sliders for your website.

I've used the following scripts:

Once again, thank you so much for downloading this WordPress plugin. We'd be glad to help you if you have any questions/problems relating to this plugin. So please contact us directly, we'll do our best to assist.